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Scissor lifts are important machines on any worksite, helping to safely move workers vertically up and down to perform various tasks. These types of lifts are powered by hydraulic pistons that keep them moving safely and smoothly. When the hydraulic piston is damaged or not working properly, the scissor lift can become very dangerous for the worker using it. Advanced Overhead Doors and Service provides fast and reliable scissor lift repairs in South Florida that repair the scissor lift quickly so that your worksite productivity isn’t affected.  


Scissor lift repairs from Advanced Overhead Doors and Service are provided by our team of technicians who have advanced knowledge in hydraulic equipment. Our technicians are also experienced professionals who have built a reputation for great customer service in South Florida. That’s what so many commercial and industrial sites call us when they need trusted scissor lift repairs. To learn more about our scissor lift repairs in South Florida and about our repair services for hydraulic cylinder pistons, call our office today at (786) GET DOOR.


Hydraulic Cylinder Repair in South Florida


Scissor lifts are powered by hydraulic cylinders which fill with hydraulic fluid once the machine is turned on. This hydraulic fluid, or compressed air, gets pushed from one area to another which helps the machine to be lowered or raised. Many times when a scissor lift breaks down it is because of a problem with the hydraulic cylinders. For hydraulic cylinder repairs in South Florida, people rely on Advanced Overhead Doors and Service. Our hydraulic cylinder repairs provide fast repair service when your scissor lifts aren’t working correctly so that you experience limited downtime from work. Our technicians are also highly experienced in scissor lift repairs and hydraulic cylinder repairs and can help you to understand what the best repair options are in order to ensure that your scissor lift will continue to safely operate for years to come. We’ll inspect and service the entire scissor lift so that you can feel confident knowing that your workers are safe. 


To prevent your project from being paused due to a broken scissor lift, make sure that you are constantly inspecting the lift for any possible damages or repair needs. As soon as something doesn’t look right, give our team a call to have a technician come and take a look at the issue. Repairing minor scissor lift problems before they turn into big repair needs not only prevents your project from being paused but also keeps your workers safe. If you aren’t sure what your repair needs are, trust in our team to provide a professional scissor lift inspection to determine the root cause of the issue and the best repair options to have your scissor lift working optimally again. 


For professional and trusted scissor lift repairs in Miami-Dade county, call Advanced Overhead Doors and Service today at 786 GET-DOOR.


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