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Advanced Overhead Doors and Service provides PVC strip curtain door installations in South Florida for a variety of commercial and industrial properties. Our team of technicians is well-known in the Miami-Dade area for being the experts in all types and styles of doors. Our PVC strip curtain door installations are just one of the many types of door installations that we offer in South Florida that are backed by our years of experience and our dedication to providing exceptional customer service. Each installation project begins by taking measurements of the door frame and discussing PVC strip curtain door styles with the client to decide on the best options for their property. Our technicians are glad to share their knowledge and experience in the area to help each client select the best option to improve their productivity and safety. The installation process is scheduled around your production schedule as to not hinder productivity, and the project is never complete until our clients are 100% satisfied. 


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What are strip door curtains and their benefits? 


Strip door curtains are made up of flexible strips of fabric that hang together from the top of a doorway. They act as a flexible barrier that can prevent contaminants from passing between rooms while allowing easy passage for employees. PVC strip curtains can be installed as a secondary barrier or as a door replacement depending on their needed function. Due to their durable and flexible plastic material, strip door curtains are made to last even in heavy use areas and keep employees safe from injury. Many restaurants and manufacturing plants utilize strip door curtains to make passing between rooms safer for their employees while preventing contamination between work areas. The strong plastic material also keeps cold or warm air inside of an area and maintains temperature differences between rooms. 


Benefits of PVC strip curtains: 

  • Save money on heating and air conditioning bills by preventing the spread of cold or warm air. 
  • Prevent dust, insects, and other small objects from entering a room.
  • Improve the workflow of employees between various areas and decrease the possibility of accidents


How to utilize PVC strip curtain doors in your business


Every business can utilize PVC strip curtain doors, but the way in which each business might utilize them can differ. Here are some common ways that businesses use PVC strip curtain doors:

  • Grocery stores and food processing centers can utilize PVC strip curtain doors in areas where employees are constantly moving products between refrigerators or freezer rooms. The temperature control benefits of strip curtain doors, as well as how easy they are to pass through, make them great barriers between areas of constant traffic and temperature differences. 
  • Warehouses and factories can use PVC strip curtain doors at loading docks or exit areas where employees are constantly loading and unloading products. This will help to maintain the inside temperature of the building and keep out the sun, bugs, and pests. 
  • Manufacturers utilize PVC strip curtains to keep certain areas clean and sterile from dust, bugs, and pests. 


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