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Repair Garage Doors

Do you have garage doors that need servicing? Our repair garage door service will diagnose the problem with your garage doors and give you a free estimate. Our garage door repair experts have over 25 years of experience and we’ve seen and fixed it all. No matter what the problem is, we’ll get to the root of the issue. For general door repairs, our team will have your garage doors back in action within a few hours. When diagnosing problems with a garage door opener, we’ll certainly fix the issue if that is the best move. 

If the system doesn’t have much life left, we’ll suggest a replacement instead of a repair. Our number one priority is to correctly diagnose the problem with your system and make the appropriate repairs or recommendations. You’ll find several reviews below of happy customers who used our repair service.

Same Day Repair on doors Including

  • Broken Springs
  • Damaged Panels
  • Broken Cables
  • Damaged Rollers
  • Sensor Issues
  • Squeaky Doors and Openers
  • Tune-Ups
  • Damaged Tracks
  • Remote and Programming Issues

Garage door Spring Repair

One of the most common garage door repair items are torn or broken springs. As nothing lasts forever, every door spring will eventually break down. After so many openings and closings, this is inevitable. Each press of the button is one step closer to this reality. This is why, at least once a year, you should get your garage doors inspected by a professional technician.

Did you know that garage door springs tend to weaken over time? And that weak springs are not meant to lift a heavy door. And a heavy door over time will damage your garage door opener! That opener is controlling a large area of your garage and that same area needs to be protected in the event of a hurricane. As we all know, hurricanes happen around here each year. A thorough inspection or garage door repair should be on your radar if you haven’t had one in a while.

GARAGE PRO TIP: How can you tell if your door is too heavy and your garage door springs are weak? Using your garage door opener, open your garage door. Disengage the door from the opener (it’s usually a string with a handle hanging from your garage door opener). If the door falls to the closed position on its own, it’s too heavy. If the door falls to the closed position really fast you need to have your garage door springs serviced by a professional before it damages your garage door opener, CALL US TODAY!)

Garage Door Cable Repair

What do you have to know about it? Damaged or broken garage door cables can compromise the safety of your family and home belongings, especially at night. Once it’s damaged, your door will simply not close well, posing a hazardous threat for yourself and your loved ones. A garage door with faulty springs and cables may recoil without warning, and may seriously damage your car. To avoid this, have your garage cables checked every year by an experienced garage door contractor. Our garage door repair service covers cable repair too.

Garage Door Track Repair

Another possible problem is bent or out of alignment garage door tracks. This part of the opening mechanism plays a crucial role in its smooth functioning. When it gets out of alignment, trained and experienced technicians must come immediately to repair your garage door, by replacing the damaged or faulty parts and inspecting your entire overhead door system. We handle this item in our garage door repair too.

Garage Door Safety Sensor Repair

When properly installed and maintained, garage door safety sensors provide safety and security to your household. Why? Because they help prevent dangerous injuries and traumas. The safety sensors help your garage door stop at its current position when something (or someone) is underneath your garage door. In general, they work in pairs and they are placed on both sides of your garage door.

Do not delay and get in contact with Advanced Overhead Doors & Service, LLC for any of your garage door repair needs or new garage door installation projects.

Your Garage is safe with us

When looking for a garage door repair expert, you want someone who has your best interest at heart. That’s why our customers love us! Whether it’s residential or commercial services that are needed, our customers count on us to do the job right the first time, every time. Give us a call for the best service in South Florida. Garage door repairs are our business and we strive to be the option for any repair services you may need.

Hurricane-rated door products

All of the door products we offer at Advanced Overhead & Doors Service are hurricane-rated and Miami-Dade approved. All of our door products are high-strength wind load-rated doors that can withstand the toughest storms that frequent South Florida. We stand behind our door products and only provide the best door quality to our residential and business customers.

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Residential Garage Door Repair & Garage Services To Give Your Home Curb Appeal & Security

  1. We install high-quality Miami-Dade Code Approved Garage Doors and garage door openers.
  2. We take down and dispose of your old door (if needed)
  3. We service any make and model of residential garage door/opener that you have
  4. We make sure that your door is storm-ready for South Florida weather
  5. You can choose from a wide variety of residential garage doors (e.g. colors, designs, strong steel doors, and meticulously handcrafted natural wood doors that will bring beauty and value to your home).

Simple & Easy installation

The team at Advanced Overhead Doors and Service is available to set up an appointment and help discuss which type of garage door opener is best for your garage.

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  • I will use this company again. They did excellent work and even helped me accommodate some storage shelves I have in my garage. Thank you, guys.

  • Very professional people, the best price I could find after searching around. I recommend them 100%

  • This people are Awesome, their attention to details and craftsmanship are unbelievable.

Frequently asked questions

If we discover that you need to replace your garage door, we'll certainly let you know. We will make every effort to complete the repair without having to recommend a replacement. Sometimes though, replacing the garage door is the best course of action.

The repair cost is connected to the work that needs to be done on the garage door. There are a variety of factors that come into play with a repair. That's why we offer free repair estimates so we can give you an approximation of how much it will cost.

If you experience any of the following, then you should contact us to repair the garage door:

If you hear a strange noise while the garage door is operating
Issues with opening the garage door
A broken spring on the garage door
Automatic door opening system stops
Loose cables

The lifespan of a garage door is usually 15 to 20 years.

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