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Looking for folding security gates in South Florida? Advanced Overhead Doors and Service provides folding security gates in the Miami-Dade area for businesses looking to add an extra level of protection for their employees. Folding security gates can be used in a variety of applications to keep an area secure while also allowing for visibility. The team at Advanced Overhead Doors and Service offers many types of folding security gates in the South Florida area that are made of strong and durable materials that look great and can be customized to fit any opening or entrance area. To learn more about the folding security gates that we offer in South Florida, contact our team today at (786) GET DOOR. 


Folding Security gates Applications


Folding security gates can be used in a number of different applications to provide a strong security system that is easy to use. Many different types of businesses in various industries utilize folding security gates because of how easy they are to install and use, as well as how strong and lightweight they can be. Our team has helped to install folding security gates in retail locations, schools and public buildings, healthcare facilities, and office buildings. 


Here are some common industry applications for folding security gates:


  • Retail storefronts
  • Store-within-a-store 
  • Pharmacy counters
  • Cafeterias in public schools and offices
  • Libraries 
  • Churches
  • Protection for ATM lobbies
  • Concession stands
  • Crowd control in stadiums and public facilities


There are so many different applications for folding security gates because they are made in a variety of shapes and styles to fit each business’s needs. Learn more about which type of folding security gate is best for your business by contacting Advanced Overhead Doors and Service today!


Types of Folding Security Gates


Single Fixed Gates: The single fixed folding security gate consists of just one panel that is permanently secured on one side of the entrance or exit and can be temporarily extended to the other side and secured in place to block off the entryway. These come in a variety of widths to fit any sized area. 


Double Fixed Gates: The double fixed security gate consists of two panels that are each permanently secured to one side of the entryway to then be securely joined in the middle when needed. These folding security doors are great for wider entryways to provide a stronger barrier. 


Door Gates: A folding security door gate is specifically designed to fit the width and height of a doorway to provide extra security and is mounted on either the right or left side. 


Barrier Gates: Barrier gates are designed to be portable and provide temporary access control. These folding security gates are still a strong security option but do not need to be permanently mounted on the wall. They are a great solution to provide access control in areas of construction, cleaning, or repair work. 


To learn more about the styles and benefits of folding security gates, contact Advanced Overhead Doors and Service today. Our team proudly serves the South Florida community with high-quality products and exceptional customer service, making us a trusted name for door installations and repairs in Miami. Call us today to set up an appointment and speak with a team member!

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