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When it comes to dock levelers for your warehouse, Advanced Overhead Doors & Services has got you covered. We sell, install, and repair dock levelers for businesses in the South Florida area. But what are the different kinds of dock levelers out there? And what can you expect from the different applications and functions? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for so you can make an informed decision for your business.

There are four types of loading dock levelers used in commercial warehouses.


  • Mechanical Dock Levelers
  • Hydraulic Dock Levelers
  • Air Dock Levelers
  • Vertical Dock Levelers


Mechanical Levelers

Mechanical loading dock levelers are known for their functionality and consistency. They’re easy to operate and also have high durability. Forklifts that weigh the same as several vehicles cross over them many times every single day without any problems.


One of the main benefits of mechanical dock levelers is they provide energy cost-saving benefits because they are manually operated versus hydraulic-powered. Simply pull the chain that is inserted into the plate to pop it up. The dock leveler will rise and then settle into the bed of the trailer that is parked in the loading dock. Simple as that. 


They also require little maintenance. To maintain peak performance, lubricate and regular maintenance will ensure your dock leveler will work as intended for a long time. 



Hydraulic dock levelers are power-operated and specifically designed for high-capacity loads. These are one of the preferred options in many businesses because of their ease of use. 


Hydraulic dock levelers are motorized and can be activated and positioned with a push-button control panel. They are a safer option since positioning the leveler doesn’t require any manual labor like their mechanical counterparts. 


They are more expensive than a mechanical dock leveler, but also improve operational efficiency, are ideal for heavy loads, high usage, and extreme weather conditions.


Air Levelers

Air-powered dock levelers utilize an airbag to raise and lower the leveler. The airbag is constructed of woven polypropylene and coated with a PVC shell. Low pressure air (4 psi) inflates the large air bladder to move heavy loads. 


This is all accomplished with the push of a button, which causes the airbag to inflate, and raises the deck and deploys the lip. To cause the airbag to deflate, simply release the button. 


Air dock levelers benefit from not using hydraulic oil to raise and lower dock levelers. This ensures the lowest maintenance cost when compared with other dock levelers and they are still usable for heavy loads and in extreme temperatures.


Vertical Levelers

A vertical dock leveler is only used in specific loading and unloading dock areas where the internal temperature needs to be controlled. They provide cleanliness, security, and efficiency.


Vertical levelers are great for food and beverage warehouses and distribution centers. They ensure a clean, energy-efficient environment. With the overhead door closing to the pit floor, vertical levelers reduce dirt, debris, and rodents from entering the warehouse facility. They also minimize entry points into the warehouse due to the door closing to the pit floor. 


Vertical dock levelers are stored in an upright position when not in use and are controlled by a hydraulic system.


Determining the Best Dock Leveler for Your Business


There are several considerations when determining which type of dock leveler is best for your company. You want to determine what the leveler will be used for and take into account your specific operations. What kind of equipment will be crossing the dock leveler and how many times a day might this action happen? Furthermore, how heavy are the pieces of equipment that will be traveling over the dock leveler? 


If you have any questions regarding which dock leveler is best for you, let us know. We can help you determine the best dock leveler for your business and go over the specific advantages of each one. We also provide free estimates, so give us a call (786) GET-DOOR.


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